Website & Store Design Software Premium Modules

With SuperBuilder, you can add any Premium Modules easily in minutes. Just $17.77, you get everything you need in one easy package including ALL modules.
Web Page Builder
The most flexible page type; use it to place text and images wherever you like or use one of the 10 layout options with set fields for text and images. Great for pages with just text and images.
Create an online journal on your website where you can share your thoughts or ask for feedback on any topic. Great for having a conversation with your customers.
Articles are automatically formatted and listed by date of publication. Share information about your products or write articles to establish you as an authority in your industry.
Press Releases
Press Releases are automatically formatted and listed by date of release. Create buzz about important information, like events, achievements, product releases, and more.
Create an organized list of questions and answers that can be categorized with headings. A list of frequently asked questions can save time you might spend answering common questions by phone or email
Easily list your contact information, including name, email links, job titles, and more. List specific contact names or provide departmental contact information.
Easily create an organized list of quotes. Establish credibility by featuring testimonials about your products or services from satisfied customers.
Display events in an easy-to-scan monthly calendar format. Show company events, class schedules, appointments, and more.
Display your products or services for customers to browse. Choose from 3 layouts, with varying image and description options. Present services and shippable or downloadable products to sell online
View Cart
Add a ‘View Cart’ button to your site index, allowing customers to easily view items selected from the catalog. Recommended for any website using the Shopping Cart.
Create printable coupons for customers to redeem at your physical store location. Provide dollar amount or percentage discounts, or free gifts with purchase
A password protected page that allows customers that have purchased downloadables easy access to their purchased products. If selling downloadable products, like software or ebooks, you may want to offer this convenience.
Hours of Operation
Allows you to easily show customers when your store is open for business. Include holiday and regular store hours.
Make it easy for site visitors to find a specific location with the help of Google Maps.
Photo Album
Display your photos in an easy-to-browse format. Images are displayed in thumbnail (small) size that, when clicked, expand to show the full size image with optional title and description.
Upload audio, video, and many other file types to your website. Upload music, videos, printable forms, instruction guides and more.
Feedback Form
Easily create your own customized online forms to collect information from your customers. Submissions are stored right on your website for easy access
Create your own newsletters, then publish them to your site or send to subscribers. Keep customers informed about your business, special offers, new products, and more.
Create a series of emails to be sent at pre-set time intervals following customer signup. Great for email tutorials or online classes.
Guest Book
Allow visitors to leave comments on your website. Encourage feedback about your business, products, services, and more
Message Board
Create a discussion forum on your website allowing people to have conversations, share information, and ask/answer questions. Create a community for visitors or employees
Polling Booth
Create polls with multiple-choice questions. Results display on an easy-to-read bar graph. Gather and display visitor opinions on a variety of topics, like favorite products.
Recommend Website
This simple form allows visitors to email friends and tell them about your website. Generate word-of-mouth advertising.
Links and Redirects
Easily create a list of links to pages either inside or outside of your site. Add a button to your index that links and sends the visitor to another website

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